Consumer Promotions & Trade Marketing Programs

15 Hours (Live)

10 Sessions

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Prof Sreeram


Sales promotions are utilised by firms that are intent on spurring consumer, channel or salesforce action. Although companies across industries have traditionally adopted sales promotion as an important means to improve sales, several companies have also attempted to broaden its use to achieve other objectives. Understanding basic and advanced sales promotion theories will help in conceptualising and executing it well. The workshop will be a mix of theoretical concepts and real-life examples & case studies.

Topics covered

  • Types of sales promotions; IMC and sales promotion; sales promotion vs advertising
  • The changing nature, effects and value of sales promotions
  • Consumer behavior foundations – basic and advanced theories
  • Typical consumer promotions
  • Consumer promotions in the digital age
  • Economic foundations – the various phenomena involved
  • Types of trade promotions; trade promotion strategy
  • Calculating promotion profitability and measuring promotion effectiveness

At the end of the workshop, a participant should be able to answer the following questions

  • What are the various types of sales promotions available to managers?
  • Under what conditions do firms and retailers use sales promotions?
  • Why do consumers respond to sales promotions?
  • How can effective and efficient consumer promotions be designed?
  • Why do companies use trade promotions?
  • How can sales promotions be assessed and monitored?
  • Do sales promotions achieve their objectives?
  • What sort of economic factors affects sales promotions?

Who is this course suitable for

  • Graduates and post graduate students with basic marketing knowledge and second-year MBA students
  • Working executives who have a basic understanding of marketing concepts.

Roles for which this workshop will prepare you for

  • Most roles in marketing and sales in consumer goods companies and enterprises
  • Roles in B2B companies and service companies which need to incentivise customers, partners and consumers
  • Ilustrative designations: Area Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Product Manager, Category Manager, Merchandising Manager, Sales Manager, Channel Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Sales Promotion Manager

What you can expect if you enrol in this workshop

  •  Access to 15 hours of live classes, including 1-2 sessions by industry experts
  •  Access to one free 30-minute mentoring session with Prof Sreeram
  •  Access to selected notes and references to other reading materials
  •  Five participants will get an opportunity to work on a live company project
  •  Free enrolment in Prof Sreeram’s workshop on Life Planning

Minimum enrolment criteria – if the number of participants for any workshop is less, Prof Sreeram reserves the right to cancel the workshop. Enrolled participants, in such cases, will get a full refund within 7 working days from the final date of enrolment.